Detect Replay Attacks in your Web Services

Many threats that are common to distributed systems are common to Web services as well. There are a few specific threats associated with the Web services processing model, such as:

  • Message replays: An attacker may re-play an entire message or a part of a SOAP message.
  • Man in the middle attack: An attacker may view and modify a SOAP message without the knowledge of either sender or the receiver.
  • Identity spoofing: An attempt to construct credentials that seems to be valid but not.
  • Denial of Service (DOS) attacks: An attempt to make a system expend its resources so that valid requests cannot access a service.
  • Message alteration: An attempt to alter a message compromising its integrity.
  • Confidentiality issues: Access to confidential information within a message by unauthorized parties.

Dimuthu wrote an interesting post about how to prevent replay attacks using WSF/PHP. He also shows how to detect them using WS-Addressing and WS-Username token headers.



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