Full-text searching with MySQL

MySQL’s full-text search functions provide a simple framework for an easily implemented, approximate site search. Many sites, written in an interpreted language and powered by MySQL, can use MySQL’s full-text search to avoid third party dependencies.

The basics of the MySQL full-text search functions are well-documented in the MySQL online documentation. For those lacking patience, here is a quick rundown.

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2 responses to “Full-text searching with MySQL”

  1. Nasty bug in 5.0 (especially for latin languages):

    If you search for “arbre”, texts like “l’arbre” will not match…
    The apostroph is not properly handled…


    This bug has been corrected in 2006!!! But it is still not commited in a stable release… What a shame…

    I have been waiting for MySQL 5.1 stable for years… Still waiting…

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