Meet Intrepid Ibex, also known as Kubuntu 8.10

Intrepid Ibex is the codename for Kubuntu 8.10, due to be released October 30 2008.

The focus for 8.10 for the Kubuntu community will be transitioning to a KDE 4 desktop. The plan is to integrate the existing Kubuntu software while at the same time offering the best out-of-the-box KDE 4 experience around. Intrepid Ibex is a whole new revolution for the open-source community, Intrepidly going where no Kubuntu release has gone before.

The key improvements in Kubuntu 8.10 are:

  • The KDE-PIM suite is back
  • Plasma matures
  • Many new and improved applications and frameworks


KWin’s desktopgrid visualizes the concept of virtual desktops and makes it easier to remember where you left that window you’re looking for.


The new folderview applet lets you display the content of arbitrary directories on your desktop. Drop a directory onto your unlocked desktop to create a new folderview. A folderview can not only display local directories, but can also cope with locations on the network.

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