Django 1.0 will be released in early September

Django has not been updated for a long time. The most current release, 0.96, was released in March 2007. This is a very long time when you look at the roadmap of other frameworks. But guess what, all that is about to change, because Django 1.0 is only two months away! Over the next six weeks sprints will take place all over the world to help get everything done by the deadline. This document details the schedule and roadmap towards Django 1.0. Although “Release early, release often” is not as easy as it seems, I hope it becomes part of Django’s development model.

The framework is now owned by a new, nonprofit, organization. The foundation, headed by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, will now be able to accept donations to help it grow. Finally we can say that Django is in the hands of the people who care most about its long-term success.

Django 1.0 Roadmap and Schedule



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