Optimization is a complex task because ultimately it requires understanding of the entire system to be optimized. Although it may be possible to perform some local optimizations with little knowledge of your system or application, the more optimal you want your system to become, the more you must know about it.

The following 10 articles explain and give some examples of different ways to optimize MySQL:

  1. Identifying slow MySQL queries
  2. MySQL & PHP Performance Optimization Tips
  3. MySQL Presentations: Optimizing MySQL
  4. MySQL 5 Optimization and Tuning Guide
  5. Survive heavy traffic with your Web server
  6. Tools to use for MySQL Performance – Peter Zaitsev
  7. MySQL Queries Optimization (video) – Peter Zaitsev
  8. Table Design and MySQL Index Details
  9. MySQL Reference Manual: Optimization Overview
  10. MySQL Reference Manual: The MySQL Query Cache


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  6. Task becomes complex when one does not know how to do this, but getting to know how to do the thing makes us rich with intellect.

    On top of all those tunnings, you will need a sound database to perform correctly. Wise and responsible arrangement of indexes would make the reads much faster. Avoiding flags, and keeping multiple shadow tables would make things simpler.

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  8. Thank you for your list. As mysql tuning is an important topic, I did a try at compiling basic tips myself. Aside from generally understanding the system, I found the tuning-primer.sh script a great help. And your links provided the background.

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