Next generation data storage with CouchDB

Most digital data we deal with in the real world is not inherently relational in nature, yet most web applications use a SQL RDBMS for data persistence. CouchDB is fundamentally a different type of database, storing data as independent “Document” objects. They can be easily replicated to other instances of CouchDB for distributed and offline editing and querying, and also for high availability and load balancing reasons.

This presentation explains the mindset behind the Open Source database CouchDB. It explains scenarios where CouchDB’s features provide elegant solutions to problems where traditional database systems struggle, and vice-versa. Even without knowing much about data storage, you will gain some insight about what is possible today.

Jan Lehnardt is an Open Source software consultant spcialized on internet technologies. He has years of experience with building small- and big-scale database backed applications.

Download Video (MPG4)



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