What does Google, Sun Microsystems, HP, Amazon, Oracle and Motorola have in common? They all use ScrumWorks, an Agile process automation tool that enables teams to self-organize and maximize productivity.

Sun Microsystems:
“The best compliment I can give to ScrumWorks is that my staff doesn’t think about it. It is intuitive and respectful of the Scrum methodology, and easily becomes a very natural extension of the methodology.”

ScrumWorks features include:

  • Product Backlog and Release Management
  • Categorization of Backlog items using Themes
  • Sprint Task Tracking for Teams
  • Reports
  • Impediment Tracking
  • User and Team Manager
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Web Services API
  • Automated and Manual Database Backups

ScrumWorks is used by over 50 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Download SrumWorks Basic (free edition)

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