MySQL Split String Function

MySQL does not include a function to split a delimited string. However, it’s very easy to create your own function. Create function syntax A user-defined function is a way to extend MySQL with a new function that works like a native MySQL function. CREATE [AGGREGATE] FUNCTION function_name RETURNS {STRING|INTEGER|REAL|DECIMAL} To create a function, you must […]


Full-text searching with MySQL

MySQL’s full-text search functions provide a simple framework for an easily implemented, approximate site search. Many sites, written in an interpreted language and powered by MySQL, can use MySQL’s full-text search to avoid third party dependencies. The basics of the MySQL full-text search functions are well-documented in the MySQL online documentation. For those lacking patience, […]


Most Visited Posts of 2009

Here are the most visited posts of 2009 according to unique page views: MySQL Split String Function Domain-Driven Design: Sample Application updated Domain-Driven Design and MVC Architectures Domain-Driven Design: The Repository updated Domain-Driven Design: Data Access Strategies Building a Web Service Client using the Zend Framework Geo Proximity Search: The Haversine Equation Running Quercus in […]

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Database Replication Adapter for Zend Framework Applications

Last updated: 21 Feb, 2010 Database replication is an option that allows the content of one database to be replicated to another database or databases, providing a mechanism to scale out the database. Scaling out the database allows more activities to be processed and more users to access the database by running multiple copies of […]

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The Multimaster Replication Problem

Replication has its problems, specially if you have a multimaster replication system. To make matters worse, none of the PHP frameworks support multimaster replication systems nor handle master failover. Symfony uses Propel and only supports master-slave replication systems. When the master fails, it’s true that you have the slaves ready to replace it, but the […]

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Database Error Handling

One of the aspects that separate the great coders from the rookies is not just making usable or working code but taking care of unforeseen eventualities. When working with more than one process (PHP and MySQL), sometimes unforeseen incompatibilities or server hiccups can cause an unwanted problem. To ensure the integrity of your web applications, […]