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TypeFriendly: A Documentation And User Manual Builder

TypeFriendly is a documentation generation script written in PHP5. It was designed to be easy in use and it allows to achieve the first results immediately, a couple of minutes after you start the work. The script contains everything you need to write clear, multilingual documentation for your project, so that you do not have to code everything on your own.

The most important features of TypeFriendly:

  1. Modular documentation structure – it is generated from text files and the structure and navigation are generated from the file names.
  2. Simple syntax – the text is written in intuitive and clean Markdown syntax.
  3. Multilingual support and tools – TypeFriendly allows you to create your manuals in many language versions. It also contains a tool that shows whether the derived languages are up-to-date.
  4. Configurable output formats – currently, TypeFriendly is able to generate the documentation in XHTML (many pages) and XHTML (single page). There is also a third format – metadata – still under development. It will allow to import the docs to a database in order to make an on-line version with, for example, user comments.
  5. Various add-ons such as syntax highlighting, references, class description fields.
  6. Navigation generators.
  7. It is portable – works under Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. All you need is the PHP interpreter available.

TypeFriendly is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License 3, which means that you can use, modify and share it for free.



Source Code


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The Little Manual of API Design

This manual gathers together the key insights into API design that were discovered through many years of software development on the Qt application development framework at Trolltech (now part of Nokia). When designing and implementing a library, you should also keep other factors in mind, such as efficiency and ease of implementation, in addition to pure API considerations. And although the focus is on public APIs, there is no harm in applying the principles described here when writing application code or internal library code.

The Little Manual of API Design (PDF)

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Is this the best open source CMS ever created?

Meet TYPOlight, a powerful Web content management system that specializes in accessibility (back end and front end) and uses XHTML and CSS to generate W3C/WAI compliant pages.


A growing number of countries around the world have introduced legislation which either directly addresses the need for websites to be accessible to people with disabilities, or which addresses the more general requirement for people with disabilities not to be discriminated against. TYPOlight does not treat accessibility as just an additional feature and is thoroughly accessible.

Web 2.0

PHP 5 and Ajax are modern “Web 2.0” technologies that you can find in a lot of contemporary applications. TYPOlight has a solid codebase built on the new object-oriented programming features of PHP 5 and can therefore be considered a future-proof software. To ensure back end accessibility, every Ajax feature includes a graceful fallback in case JavaScript is disabled.

Page features

  • Different page types
  • Multiple websites in one tree
  • Manual or timed publication
  • Hidden pages
  • Password protect pages

Editing features

  • Clipboard feature
  • Edit multiple records
  • Built-in rich text editor (TinyMCE)
  • Different content elements and modules
  • Multilingual spellchecker
  • Insert tags (similar to server side includes)
  • Manual or timed publication

File manager

  • Multiple file uploads
  • Image thumbnails and file preview
  • Edit uploaded files with the source editor
  • File operation permissions
  • Copy, move, rename files or folders
  • Delete folders recursively

Form generator

  • Automatic input validation
  • Store uploaded files on the server
  • Send form data via e-mail
  • Send uploaded files as e-mail attachment

Search engine

  • Automatic page indexing
  • Search indexing on protected pages
  • Phrase search, wildcard search, AND/OR search
  • Search result caching and pagination

Full feature list

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Accessible XHTML strict output
  • Meets W3C/WAI requirements
  • Web 2.0 support (mootools-based)
  • Live update service
  • Accessible administration area
  • Multiple back end languages and themes
  • Generates search engine friendly URLs
  • Multi-language support
  • Powerful permission system
  • Versioning and undo management
  • Advanced search and sorting options
  • Front end output 100% template based
  • Automatic e-mail encryption (spam protection)
  • Supports SMTP in addition to PHP’s mail function
  • Supports multiple websites in one tree
  • Supports GZip compression
  • Print articles as PDF

System features

  • Open Source (LGPL)
  • Web-based administration
  • Platform independent
  • Over 150 third party extensions
  • Multilingual documentation



E-Books Directory: More than 300 free programming books

Here is a categorized list of online programming books available for free download. The books cover all major programming languages: Ada, Assembly, Basic, C, C#, C++, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Delphi, Pascal, Haskell, Java, Lisp, PHP, Prolog, Python, Ruby, as well as some other languages, game programming, and software engineering. The books are in various formats for online reading or downloading.

Free Programming Books

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Real Time Web-Based Service Monitoring Tool

phpWatch is a general purpose service monitor that is able to send notifications of outages via e-mail or text-message (SMS). The purpose of this system is to allow administrators to easily check the status of many different services running on any number of servers and also allow developers to interface with the query and notification APIs.


The basic installation is very simple: chmod config.php to 777 and simply navigate to the install directory in your browser. Fill in the database information and the setup will create the required tables and setup the configuration file as needed. The only required task beyond the automated install is to add cron.php as a cron job (Unix/Linux) or scheduled task (Windows).

SMS Alerts

phpWatch uses pre-existing SMS gateways provided by the cell-carriers themselves. For example, to send a message to a Verizon subscriber with the phone number 123-456-7890, an e-mail can be sent to and it will then be forwarded to the individual’s phone.


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Yahoo Open Hack 2009 London

Come and join Yahoo! on the 9th and 10th of May in London for 24 hours of learning, hacking, networking and fun.

It’s a two-day event on Saturday 9th of May with a morning of Tech Talks covering a wide range of topics led by some of the Web’s most respected developers. Yahoo will showcase the newest platforms and developer tools for you to play around with, and there will be plenty of experts on hand to answer questions.

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