Ten things no one ever told you about Hudson:

  1. It’s extremely easy to install (unzip the file and that’s it)
  2. It can be configured entirely from its friendly Web UI (no XML required)
  3. It has an attractive dashboard with colourful and meaningful icons
  4. It’s extremely flexible
  5. It can be extended via plug-ins
  6. It offers a much better UI than CruiseControl
  7. It can execute Phing, Ant, Gant, NAnt and Maven build scripts
  8. It gives you clean readable URLs for most of its pages
  9. It has RSS, e-mail and IM integration
  10. It can distribute build/test loads to multiple computers

This tutorial guides you step-by-step through the fundamental concepts of Continuous Integration and Hudson. When you are done with this one-hour tutorial, you will understand the benefits of Continuous Integration as well as how to set up your environment.



  1. The 1st point is a killer. CC is such a pain to install.

    When will open source project leaders understand that easy install is a “must have” and not a “nice to have”?

  2. Having used CC for a while, I’m biased but must clear up a few things.

    1. CC Windows is installer is very easy not sure about OSX.
    2. CC-Config allows GUI configuration with no XML needed.
    3. CC has a dashboard with all the pretty stuff. In fact there are tons of third-party dashboards including eclipse plugins.
    4. CC is the grandfather of flexibility, I would be surprised if anyone was “constrained” by CC in anyway.
    5. CC can be extended via user-defined plugins, this blog is wrong.
    6. Sure, but look at the third-party client UIs and alternate web interfaces. There are alternatives.
    7. CC supports ANT, NANT, and MAVEN not sure about the other one.
    8. Probably does.
    9. CC has RSS and e-mail, not sure about IM but, again check out the third party tools.
    10. So can CC, you just have to tell it too via ANT.

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