Top Posts 2008

I looked through this blog’s statistics to find out which posts got the most page views in 2008. Here are the top 10 posts:

  1. 30 Useful PHP Classes and Components
  2. Where is the include coming from?
  3. Open-source PHP applications that changed the world
  4. 10 great articles for optimizing MySQL queries
  5. 20 MediaWiki Extensions You Should Be Using
  6. Zend Framework Architecture
  7. Loading models within modules in the Zend Framework
  8. Scalable and Flexible Directory Structure for Web Applications
  9. BBC’s New Infrastructure: Java and PHP
  10. Code Refactoring Guidelines

Each post was written for a reason. “Open-source applications that changed the world” is my favourite one. It not only brings back good memories, but also shows our commitment to the open-source community and our passion for developing and supporting open-source software. Zend Framework was the most popular Web application in 2008. Yes, Dow Jones, HSBC and even the BBC is using it. In case you haven’t notice, I spent the last 12 months promoting the Zend Framework, reason why it gets mentioned in 6 of the posts. I’m also glad that “Code Refactoring Guidelines” made it to the top 10. It shows that the PHP community cares.



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3 responses to “Top Posts 2008”

  1. I hope one of the “Top Posts for 2009” will be a post like “10 Great open-source applications using the Zend Framework”.

    Thank you for your posts.

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