Netbooks: Microsoft’s biggest worry

Netbooks will account for about a third of all PC growth this year, according to Citigroup. They are a real threat to Microsoft. Clearly, the future is in netbooks and that has Microsoft worried. Microsoft isn’t just worried about ceding 30% of the netbook market to Linux, it’s also worried that if people get used to running Linux on netbooks, they’ll consider buying Linux on desktop PCs as well.

According to Dickie Chang, this gives users a chance to see and try something new, showing them there is an alternative.

Happy New Year!

Memcached consistent hashing mechanism

If you are using the Memcache functions through a PECL extension, you can set global runtime configuration options by specifying the values within your php.ini file. One of them is memcache.hash_strategy. This option sets the hashing mechanism used to select and specifies which hash strategy to use: Standard (default) or Consistent.

It’s recommended that you set to Consistent to allow servers to be added or removed from the pool without causing the keys to be remapped to other servers. When set to standard, an older strategy is used that potentially uses different servers for storage.

With PHP, the connections to the memcached instances are kept open as long as the PHP and associated Apache instance remain running. When adding a removing servers from the list in a running instance, the connections will be shared, but the script will only select among the instances explicitly configured within the script.

So, to ensure that changes to the server list within a script do not cause problems, make sure to use the consistent hashing mechanism.

Top 100 Blogs for Developers

PHPImpact makes it to the top 100!

What defines the popularity of a blog? The ranking by Google? Traffic statistics? Feed subscriptions? Feedback from readers? Links from other sites and blogs? The answer is of course… All of them!

Jurgen Appelo announced the new edition of the Top 100 Blogs for Developers. The list is based on a weighed average of each blog’s Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Authority, RSSMicro FeedRank, Google hits, and blog comments.

Top 100 Blogs for Developers