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Zend Framework: Autoloading for better Performance

Many discussions have come up in the recent past about how ZF should increase the libraries base throughput. One of the suggestions that comes up is whether or not requiring the autoloader, and consequently removing calls to require_once, is a good thing.

The following posts explore these possibilities:

3 thoughts on “Zend Framework: Autoloading for better Performance

  1. In my codes I use something like this:
    if (class_exists(‘NameSpace_SomeClass’)){
    require ‘NameSpace/SomeClass.php’;
    My observations are that this is better (as performance) than require_once.

  2. I suppose it should be something like:
    if (!class_exists(‘NameSpace_SomeClass’, false)){
    require ‘NameSpace/SomeClass.php’;

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