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Gartner Research: PHP is going corporate

A recent Gartner Research study found that 10 percent of the PHP community are corporate IT developers, and predicted that during the next five years, that number will grow to 40 percent. That’s good news for PHP developers looking for corporate gigs, and very good news for PHP tools maker Zend Technologies, which cited the Gartner finding at the Zend/PHP Conference last week as evidence of widespread, more strategic adoption of PHP in enterprises.

Zend is trying to position its products, the PHP development framework Zend Framework and the PHP IDE Zend Studio for Eclipse, as the de facto standards for enterprise PHP web development as the language becomes more mainstream. If Zend is judged by the company it keeps, then it has chosen its allies well, forging relationships with IT heavyweights such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and most recently, Adobe.

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