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Symfony: The New Admin Generator

Symfony, used by Yahoo, IPC Media and some of UK’s top 100 media agencies, is one of the few frameworks that can generate an entire site administration automatically. As Matthew Bull puts it, with just a couple of commands and a few changes to a configuration file, you can have something pretty close to a database access interface in seconds.

The admin generator is one of the best features of the framework. It can generate modules for the back-end of your applications and an entire site administration with the generated modules.

This screencast shows you how the admin generator works.

Admin Generator 1.2

Symfony’s lead developer, Fabien Potencier, is already working on the next version of the admin generator. He announced it last week on the Symfony mailing list:

I will start working on the new symfony admin generator. But before, I’d like to organize a small online session to refine the goals, the requirements and the features we want to implement in this new version.

The goal of this mini-sprint is not to code, but rather to discuss what we would like to have in the new admin generator, the problems with the old one and also discuss the API. We will also plan the refactoring and affect tasks to people who want to help.

If you’ve never used Symfony before, start now, what are you waiting for? Once you’re comfortable developing with PHP5, you’re ready to move into Symfony.

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