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Kenneth Downs: Why I do not use ORM

A thorough knowledge of database behaviour tends to lead a person away from ORM. First off, the two basic premises of ORM are factually incorrect: One, that there is some native incompatibility between databases and code, and two, that all the world must be handled in objects. These two misconceptions themselves might be excusable if they turned out to be harmless, but they are far from harmless. They promote a wilful ignorance of actual wise database use, and in so doing are bound to generate methods that are inefficient at best and horrible at worst.

Kenneth Downs: Why I do not use ORM

4 thoughts on “Kenneth Downs: Why I do not use ORM

  1. The incompatibility is not necessarily between databases and code, but more specifically between the Domain Model pattern and database tables. If you’re not using a domain model, there’s no reason for an ORM.

  2. Hey Federico, all you (Kenneth) say is correct, but you are omitting the fact that ORM increases productivity A LOT. I think that’s the reason of the massive adoption and it’s one of the reasons i use it.
    Anyway, nice review.

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