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PHP implemented in 100% Java

Quercus allows developers to incorporate Java code into PHP web applications and gives both Java and PHP developers a fast, safe, and powerful alternative to the standard PHP interpreter.

Quercus natively supports Unicode and the new Unicode syntax of the up-and-coming PHP 6, and implements a growing list of PHP extensions (i.e. APC, iconv, GD, gettext, JSON, MySQL, Oracle, PDF, Postgres, etc.). Many popular PHP applications will run as well as, if not better, than the standard PHP interpreter straight out of the box.

Quercus PHP libraries are written entirely in Java, thereby taking the advantages of Java applications and infusing them into PHP.


Although PHP users and Java users can take advantage of Quercus immediately without modifying their application, the real benefits come from developing mixed Java/PHP applications:

  • PHP libraries written in Java are fast, safe, and relatively easy to develop, compared with C libraries. Since Java is the library language, developers won’t need to be paranoid about third-party libraries having C-memory problems or segvs.
  • PHP applications can take advantage of Java libraries and capabilities like JMS, SOA frameworks, Hibernate, or Spring. (Or EJB if you really wanted.)
  • Java application can move presentation code to PHP, leaving behind templating systems, or languages with small libraries, and taking advantage of PHP flexibility and capability.


7 thoughts on “PHP implemented in 100% Java

  1. Very Interesting. I’m going to have to setup my test box at home to see how well this runs vs my LAMP stack! Looks like I got a busy Monday.

  2. Well if its anywhere near as reliable and fast as their Servlet runner, then I’m game, I’ll give it a try when I get home.

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