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Enterprise Web Services Framework for PHP

Apify is a small and powerful open source library that delivers new levels of developer productivity by simplifying the creation of RESTful architectures. Web services are a great way to extend your web application, however, adding a web API to an existing web application can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Apify takes certain common patterns found in most web services and abstracts them so that you can quickly write web APIs without having to write too much code.

Apify exposes similar APIs as the Zend Framework, so if you are familiar with the Zend Framework, then you already know how to use Apify. Take a look at the UsersController class.


You can see it in action here:


Apify is hosted on GitHub. You can fork it or download it in either .tar.gz or .zip formats.

5 thoughts on “Enterprise Web Services Framework for PHP

  1. The tool was a bit tricky to get installed, relied on specific versions of libxml and libxlst, and generally did not perform against a bpel generated service that our Java developers were publishing. Other than that its a great tool and the team behind it are quick to add features. I’d like to see where how this framework evolves. SOAP with PHP (in general) is not up to snuff yet.

  2. Hi xentek,
    Thanks for your friendly comment on WSF/PHP.

    About your note on the versions of libxml and libxslt which wsf/php relies on, once we were reported problems with some specific versions of libxml2 and libxsl. But it is actually caused by some incompatibility between those two library versions. Other than that I think wsf/php is compatible with many range of versions of libxml2 and libxsl.

    If you still found it tricky to install, I wrote a little FAQ that you may find useful.


  3. Hi Federico,
    On 17 October I published the article WSO2 WSF / PHP Linux Virtual Appliance that announced the availability of a Virtual Appliance based on openSUSE 11.1 and the framework WSO2 WSF / PHP 2.1.

    On 31 October I was invited by Nandika Jayawardana WSO2 Oxygentank to publish on the site, the Virtual Appliance. A few weeks ago on the download page of the framework WSO2 WSF / PHP is available a link to download the Virtual Appliance (WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP WSO2 WSF / PHP release 2.1.0 | WSO2 Oxygen Tank).


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