Web Platforms vs. Traditional Platforms

Enabling developers to create and deliver any kind of business application, entirely on-demand and without software it’s a breakthrough new concept that is making companies radically more successful by letting them translate their ideas into deployed applications in record time.

Time to build and deploy a custom database application:

Web Platform Traditional Platform
Development Time 100 hours 4000 hours
Time to Deploy Instant 4 weeks
No Hardware & Software True False
No Maintenance Required True False
No Extra Development Required True False
– Analytics True False
– Internationalization True False
– Authentication and security model True False
– Mobile access True False
– Compliance audit trail True False

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Use-Case Analysis: Getting from use cases to code

The first in a two-part series that appeared in The Rational Edge, this article presents a case study that analyses the requirements captured in use cases and transforms them into implementable representations that can be directly coded. An excellent article written by Gary Evans.

Getting from use cases to code: Part 1: Use-Case Analysis
Getting from use cases to code: Part 2: Use Case Design

What’s wrong with software development in large corporations

If you don’t know who Stephan Schwab is, don’t worry, you will soon. The only thing I can tell you about him is that he’s an Agile Developer, a Scrum practitioner and a Software Consultant living in Panama (Hola Stephan). And of course, he wrote a very interesting post about software development in large corporations:

“In my opinion software development is something between research and art. After all the word development implicates that something gets created for a purpose and before you develop you will have to know what the purpose is (the problem you want to solve; what you want to improve), what the environment looks like, who will use it, etc. So that includes a very large research component as well. I think one can describe software development as some kind of exploration with the goal to create something with a certain level of quality to solve a problem that is well understood.”

It’s time you meet him:
What’s wrong with software development in large corporations