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PHP ClickHeat: See where people aren’t clicking

ClickHeat is an open source visual tool for showing “hot” and “cold” zones of a web page. It allows you to see which spots users click on most, and which spots are being ignored.

See where people aren’t clicking

Your current web analytics software tells you about your popular pages, but it doesn’t know about the pages which aren’t viewed. With ClickHeat, unpopular links and pages are immediately obvious.

See where people are clicking that they shouldn’t be

Do you have some blue text on a page that people are mistaking for a link? Do you have links in a small font size, which people are missing when they try to click? Do you have an unlinked logo or other graphical device that people think they can click on? Standard web analytics software cannot detect any of these, but with ClickHeat it’s immediately obvious.

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