What’s wrong with software development in large corporations

If you don’t know who Stephan Schwab is, don’t worry, you will soon. The only thing I can tell you about him is that he’s an Agile Developer, a Scrum practitioner and a Software Consultant living in Panama (Hola Stephan). And of course, he wrote a very interesting post about software development in large corporations:

“In my opinion software development is something between research and art. After all the word development implicates that something gets created for a purpose and before you develop you will have to know what the purpose is (the problem you want to solve; what you want to improve), what the environment looks like, who will use it, etc. So that includes a very large research component as well. I think one can describe software development as some kind of exploration with the goal to create something with a certain level of quality to solve a problem that is well understood.”

It’s time you meet him:
What’s wrong with software development in large corporations



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