Get free workspaces with unlimited team size and integrated tools like wiki, discussion, alerts, chat, Subversion and Trac.


The Team page gives you an easy way to invite new team members and manage permissions for existing users. Spaces can be public, or private and visible only to team members. Team permissions are integrated with Trac, Subversion, and other tools.

Trac / SVN

Manage your releases with Trac, the popular open source ticketing system. Link it to your code in Subversion, the industry standard SCM system, or Mercurial, the distributed alternative. Use Trac to browse your changesets.


The Tickets tool integrates tickets for features, bugs, and tasks into an Assembla space. It is a more integrated alternative to the external Trac ticket list.


Collects a daily report in the stand-up meeting format: “What I did”, “What I will do”, and “Roadblocks / What I need”.


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