VS.Php is a Php integrated development environment based on Visual Studio. With VS.Php you can design, develop, debug and deploy Php applications within the Visual Studio IDE. VS.Php key features are around providing rich Php and Smarty editing capabilities as well as its ability to debug Php scripts locally as well as remotely.

VS.Php offers a set of productivity features designed to improve productivity. The new 2.4 release offers many improvements around debugging and deployment of remote projects.


PHP Debugger
VS.Php supports debugging Php scripts locally and remotely including scripts hosted in non-Windows servers. It uses DBG for its debugging capabilities. VS.Php also lets you debug client side JavaScript in the same debug session. This feature lets you debug AJAX-type rich applications.

VS.Php supports intellisense of Php4 and Php5 scripts. It has comprehensive support including the Php built-in modules and PEAR classes. VS.Php 2.0 add support for array intellisense.

VS.Php allows you to easily deploy your project to a remote server using standard protocols such as Ftp, Sftp, Ftp/S and Smb.

Class browser
The class browser lets you view all the functions, constants and classes defined in your project. VS.Php will parse all the files in your.

Code outlining
The editor provides a rich automatic outlining support that lets you organize your code more efficiently. VS.Php understands PEAR-style regions as well as .Net-style user regions.

Goto Definition
Anytime you want to quickly find where a method, function, variable or constant is defined, you can right click on it and VS.Php will find where it is define and move your cursor there even if it is on a separate file.

Source code control
VS.Php provides support for source code control by leveraging the Visual Studio framework. That means that any source code control plug-in for Visual Studio will work with VS.Php.

Official release of VS.Php for Visual Studio 2008

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